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You Can Tell From the Scars On My Arms That I'm Not The Carefullest of Girls, by [ profile] postcardmystery . BBC's Sherlock, Shoshanna Holmes/Joss Watson, PG-13.

It runs in our family, though, so I can't be too surprised."

"What does?"


Your family? No, never!"

"Jocelyn, I don't like your tone."

I don't care if you haven't been watching Sherlock (although you should be). Read this fic.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I totally just saw Scott Pilgrim.

Consider this spoilers for everything to do with Scott Pilgrim. Ever. )

I'm pretty sure this is already longer than my "thoughts on The Dark Knight" post, so I'm going to attempt to cut myself off here. Final conclusion: it isn't the books, not by a long shot (so [ profile] nova33, I still think you should brave the art to read the books), but that does not in any way make it bad. In fact, it's very good. You should all go see it, if no other reason than because I can confidently say it is also the best romantic comedy to come out in a long time, which is worth something. Those of you who have seen it, discuss! And write fic.


Jul. 28th, 2010 07:00 pm
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The Day They Broke Arthur

Twenty minutes later, Ariadne has progressed to the small intestines, but there is something slightly strange about her picture.

"Dr. Ariadne," says Yusuf, "why is the intestine connected to the esophagus?"

"It's a Penrose Arthur!" says Ariadne, beaming.

"That's... kind of disgusting," says Yusuf.

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So of the five Inception fics I'm already working on (which does not include the ridiculous number of kinkmeme prompts I have open), the latest one prominently features this exchange:

"But...if your name's Ariadne, why isn't your totem a ball of string?" Yusuf gasped.

"Oh my god, Robert, you can't just ask someone about their totem!"

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I point you to the headline at the top.

God bless America.
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I write like
J. K. Rowling

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


I also got P.G. Wodehouse once, and David Foster Wallace twice. (On the other hand, one piece earned me a "You write like Stephenie Meyer" badge, which made me want to figure out a way to tear up a virtual document.
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So work continues to be of varying quality. Notable today was the project one of my supervisors gave me this morning.


(Admittedly very nice)Supervisor: Sam, I need you to reorganize all the drawers in this cabinet, because none of it's very convenient.

Me: Sure, it'll be great to have something to --

Supervisor: Oh, but don't actually move any files, because everything's very conveniently placed right now.

Me: ...I'm sorry?

Supervisor: At any rate, none of your careful organization plan will matter, because nothing in the drawers are where they're supposed to be.

Me: /ragequits


On the other hand, no one cares if I use office time to order a milkshake for take-out from a diner nearby. I count this as a win.

My mother ordered my new laptop today! I'm getting an Acer Aspire TimelineX because holy shit, the battery lasts for eight hours. (Also, it's very pretty.)

I go through phases where I play shit loads of point-and-click room escape games, so every now and then I return to the Submachine series, a thoroughly creepy collection of games set in mysterious locations which all appear to be something called Submachines. A review called it the Lost of online games, and I tend to agree. They're really worht playing, even if you end up using the handy walkthroughs for most of them. (If you'd rather tone down the creepy, listen to this mash-up while playing, because it makes everything hilarious.)
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So I'm on about to leave for taekwondo, but I have a couple points to bring up.

First, turns out I don't have cancer! The mole was just an ordinary mole, if unsightly. I can now spend valuable worrying time on other things.

Entirely unrelatedly, I've realized that in turning in my computer, I've lost a bookmark of an online story that I loved, but read only once. It's a vague parody of Silent Hill, in a World of Warcraft setting, starring an orc and his cat familiar. (Don't judge me.) If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, I'd love to find it again.

How were everyone's weekends? Warm? Unbearably hot like the surface of the sun? (Guess what it was like here.)
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warrenellis:Yes, John Terry, no-one will notice if you just lay on an opposition player and try to fuck them.

Warren Ellis' tweets on the World Cup are the only commentary I need. Especially now that the US is definitively out of the running fffffff
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So Operation: Acquire Scott Pilgrim was eighty percent successful. Entirely predictably, the missing twenty percent is volume one. I tried three different bookstores, and only one even had two through five. Nevertheless, I shall soldier on! I'll find it eventually. (Although perhaps not too soon, considering I shelled out sixty dollars just for these four.)

I saw Splice last night. My thoughts, in no particular order: a)HOLY SHIT, CREEPY MOVIE. b)I'm disturbed by how easy it was for the writers to make my sympathize with the monster. (And yes, no matter how adorable it looks in the trailers, Dren is definitely a monster, if perhaps justifiably.) c)I would bet my right ear that this movie was heavily influenced by Posession. (If you haven't seen Possession and you intend to, I recommend you don't read the wiki page. This is the kind of movie that's much better if you have no idea what's going on the first time you see it.)

Speaking of links you definitely should not click, the only interesting trailer before the movie was for a film called Buried. (Granted, the Eclipse trailer implied we'd actually get to see wolves and vampires tearing each other to pieces, showing a marked improvement on the book.) Here's the trailer for Buried. My friend, who wasn't stifling shrieks of horror, explained that it's about an Iraqi contractor who falls in with the wrong crowd, and is buried alive. He has a lighter and his cellphone, and apparently the entire film is just footage of him calling people from this coffin, trying to convince them he's been buried alive. You guys. YOU GUYS. D: WHY DO I WANT TO SEE IT.

To try and make up for bringing that trailer into your lives, have A Partial Map of your Tardis (Subject to Change). All the tiny details just make me so happy. The Gulf of Diminishing Returns! Basic fare is good will! Also, my new favorite website is What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? The very first recipe it gave me was for coffee-braised beef. IT'S LIKE IT KNOWS ME.

I'm going to the Ottawa Cappies Gala tonight. In theory, this is terribly exciting. In practice, I'm paying thirty bucks to sit in a theatre for three hours or so, without food and with a high potential of having to walk home in heels. (My mother is on a "Make Samantha Fend For Herself" crusade.) A couple of my friends are going, though, so I figure we'll sneak in food and fuck around. All in all, not a bad evening.

How have people's weekends been? Any ninjas?
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People of the world! I have figured out what is wrong with my generation. Genuinely intelligent people can un-ironically and with straight faces defend the opinion that feminism is totally similar to racism.

How is everyone else doing today?
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So I was going to post various fandom ficlets about going to church on Christmas, but I just finished Logicomix, so all I'm really capable of doing right now is staring at a wall saying, "buhhhhhhhh." The ficlets will probably around some time tonight or tomorrow, and you people need to hold me to that, because Aziraphale and Adam going to church is way too good to not be shared with the world. In the meantime, merry merry Christmas, lovelies. May your day be bright.


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