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So Operation: Acquire Scott Pilgrim was eighty percent successful. Entirely predictably, the missing twenty percent is volume one. I tried three different bookstores, and only one even had two through five. Nevertheless, I shall soldier on! I'll find it eventually. (Although perhaps not too soon, considering I shelled out sixty dollars just for these four.)

I saw Splice last night. My thoughts, in no particular order: a)HOLY SHIT, CREEPY MOVIE. b)I'm disturbed by how easy it was for the writers to make my sympathize with the monster. (And yes, no matter how adorable it looks in the trailers, Dren is definitely a monster, if perhaps justifiably.) c)I would bet my right ear that this movie was heavily influenced by Posession. (If you haven't seen Possession and you intend to, I recommend you don't read the wiki page. This is the kind of movie that's much better if you have no idea what's going on the first time you see it.)

Speaking of links you definitely should not click, the only interesting trailer before the movie was for a film called Buried. (Granted, the Eclipse trailer implied we'd actually get to see wolves and vampires tearing each other to pieces, showing a marked improvement on the book.) Here's the trailer for Buried. My friend, who wasn't stifling shrieks of horror, explained that it's about an Iraqi contractor who falls in with the wrong crowd, and is buried alive. He has a lighter and his cellphone, and apparently the entire film is just footage of him calling people from this coffin, trying to convince them he's been buried alive. You guys. YOU GUYS. D: WHY DO I WANT TO SEE IT.

To try and make up for bringing that trailer into your lives, have A Partial Map of your Tardis (Subject to Change). All the tiny details just make me so happy. The Gulf of Diminishing Returns! Basic fare is good will! Also, my new favorite website is What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? The very first recipe it gave me was for coffee-braised beef. IT'S LIKE IT KNOWS ME.

I'm going to the Ottawa Cappies Gala tonight. In theory, this is terribly exciting. In practice, I'm paying thirty bucks to sit in a theatre for three hours or so, without food and with a high potential of having to walk home in heels. (My mother is on a "Make Samantha Fend For Herself" crusade.) A couple of my friends are going, though, so I figure we'll sneak in food and fuck around. All in all, not a bad evening.

How have people's weekends been? Any ninjas?


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