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D.E.B.S.: the heartwarming story of a love separated by the law and several secret agencies. Now with lesbians!

This is one of those movies that always make Autostraddle top ten lists for movies that made women realize they were gay, or are their comfort zone movie, etc, and I can understand why. I spent half of the movie shouting about how ridiculous everything was, and the other half shouting about everything that was keeping Lucy and Amy apart. It's stupid (so stupid), but it knows that, and it's a lot of fun and a little touching anyway. It's never voyeuristic, and Amy's teammates are angry about her fraternizing with the enemy, not a woman. (I won't touch on the douchebag ex-boyfriend whose name I have intentionally forgotten, but ugh. UGH.)

At heart, of course, and everywhere else, D.E.B.S. is an exceedingly silly movie, but come on, it has to be. There is a secret test for LYING in the SAT. REALLY. I just enjoy that it represents that next step in LGBT films: films featuring gay people that aren't about being gay.
We could use more of them, yes, and it would probably help if they were not quite as...schlocky, I guess. But it's still just a silly escapist movie that is about women, and does feature lesbians, without making any kind of big deal out of it. That counts for something. (Addendum: while I can't yet confirm this, I imagine this movie is even more fun when drunk.)


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