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Brothers of the Head is a "documentary" about fictional conjoined twins effectively sold into contract as a pop rock band in the 70s. It is exactly as demoralizing as it sounds.

I was pleasantly surprised that this was a mockumentary entirely free of mocking. While Tom and Barry Howe are slightly predictable character archetypes, they still come across as painfully real people, and the theme of questioning what they really mean to each other is played subtly enough that it doesn't drag. (The clips from the unfinished biopic were also an exceedingly nice, slightly amusing touch.)

The Treadaway twins continue to be exceptionally beautiful people no matter what they're doing, no one is surprised, etc.

It's probably bad that one of my most significant thoughts related to this movie is about someone else's work, but: I have a sneaking suspicion that Amanda Palmer once read the synopsis for this movie without seeing it, and thought, "That's a wonderful idea!", but couldn't figure out where she could buy conjoined twins. Thus, Evelyn Evelyn. But enough on that.

I enjoyed this movie, but it's not easy to watch. It runs for under ninety minutes, but when it ended I felt like I'd been watching it for too long. I'm pretty sure that's intentional, though, and it creates a really lasting, haunting atmosphere. It also pairs well with Bright Star, for that deeply emotionally exhausting movie night you keep meaning to get around to.
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