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The Celluloid Closet is just so fucking enjoyable that I'm seriously considering spending thirty bucks on a used paperback edition of the book.

I mean, there was no way this movie wasn't going to be right up my fucking alley, obviously, but it was even more delightful than expected. The montage of people in love at the end made me cry because it just so wonderfully got at the heart of what the movie was trying to say, and all the talking heads were so diversely charming and fascinating. And then, on top of all that, it pretty much provides a fantastic list of recommendations for films I can go on to see. It doesn't get better than this.

On a less happy note: I was talking to a friend who had already seen it while watching it, and she made the point that it only discusses films up to 1993, making it almost twenty years out-of-date. While I admit that I would absolutely make adore an updated version, I also really find it sad that there would still be so much material that qualified for discussion. I mean, immediately, for me, Bend it Like Beckham and the new Sherlock Holmes movies come to mind, but you could cover everything ranging from the "bromance" phenomenon to the celluloid closet Disney employs, and take a stop at why one of the most mainstream gay movies of the last decade still features one of them dying horribly.

Seriously, though, it's the fucking Celluloid Closet. If you've managed to find this review, you are going to like, and I'm disappointed that you haven't already seen it. Go. Now.
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